June 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our June 2019 Newsletter, highlighting:

  • Local Air Pollution Removal Value of Trees in the UK – making it easier for local stakeholders to use national data
  • What is Natural Capital Approach? - see our briefing note for Natural Capital Coalition

Method noteLocal Air Pollution Removal Value of Trees in the UK - making it easier for local stakeholders to use national data

When CEH and eftec worked on the urban natural capital accounts for ONS and Defra, we used a wealth of data on air quality, population and tree cover. This data was available nationally, but wasn’t accessible to local stakeholders who needed it most.

So, we put our resources together to create a user-friendly tool that calculates the health benefits of trees removing PM2.5 from the air.  We could have coined an acronym for the tool, but we figured it does what it says on the tin. Besides, it allows us to include other pollutants and other benefits in the future.

The model is free to use and available here. You can also download a method note that explains the model and its uses.  The recording of the launch webinar hosted by EKN is now available hereand it takes you through the tool’s development and uses.  Please contact Ian Dickie at eftec (ian@eftec.co.uk) or Laurence Jones at CEH (lj@ceh.ac.uk) if you’d like to know more about bespoke applications that can reflect local characteristics better.

What is Natural Capital Approach?  NCC

The natural capital approach is being discussed and adopted by Governments and Business around the world, but what does it actually involve? Definitions of natural capital are worded slightly differently which leads to confusion. Fortunately, they have enough in common to reveal some key features that a ‘natural capital approach’ should have. 

Add to this the key features emerging from guidance and practice, and you have a clearly identifiable natural capital approach. Read the one-page briefing note we wrote for the Natural Capital Coalition, with support from We Value Nature and let us know what you think.