Forest Enterprise England Corporate Natural Capital Account

Pine forest birds eye view

For Forest Enterprise England, 2016: Forest Enterprise England (FEE) manages the Public Forest Estate in England, which is about 2% of the area of England and 18% of the country’s woodland.

This was the first business to produce an organisation-wide Corporate Natural Capital Account (CNCA), encompassing the largest base of natural capital yet reported. It showed the value to be over £22 billion, which does not include flood risk management and air quality services due to lack of sufficient data.

The second annual account followed in August 2017, demonstrating the organisation’s commitment and the possibility of an organisation to reproduce accounts without external help. Forest Enterprise England is using CNCA to:

  • Communicate the true worth of the English public forest estate to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Monitor the health and value of the natural capital of the estate. The development of trends will be an important aspect of future reporting
  • Investigate how it can inform investment decisions and optimise timber production activity

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