April 2020 Newsletter

We're not sure when we'll back in the office, but - for now - another newsletter from home. April's newsletter covers the following topics:

  • “Now is not the time for business as usual”
  • Improving nature’s visibility in financial accounting – a report for the Capitals Coalition
  • Dasgupta Review Interim Report is published – looking for your comments

Now is not the time for business as usual

Poem smallerAs we get used to lockdown-living, conversations about what “normal” was like, what “new normal” should be like; “green recovery”; “build back better” “reset” etc. are becoming more frequent.

 Perhaps, the best way to express it is, “now is not the time for business as usual” – a phrase we first heard from Somewhere Nowhere. They were the artists in attendance at #envecon2020 and the poem Harriet wrote for the occasion is now put to film.

We like this phrase because questioning the wisdom of business as usual is a key motivation for us, especially when the BAU has shown itself to be not that interested in the environment.

 We hope you like this film and share it:  https://vimeo.com/403260140 and that it contributes to all our thoughts about the future.

Improving nature's visibility in financial accounting - a report for the Capitals Coalition

Organisations cannot produce goods and services without nature, people, social networks, and shared norms and values. Financial accounts, developed over 400 years, are still key for organisations to operate in modern economies, but they rarely recognise the contribution of natural and social capitals.

Capitals Coalition

In this Coalition project, led by eftec, different authors outline four potential methods that move towards developing financial accounts that support environmental sustainability. eftec worked on case studies that illustrate how we can represent natural capital account data in financial accounts today and, collaborating with Jeremy Nicholls, how the two accounts can be integrated in the future.

The report is available here:                                                    
Capitals Coalition unites the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition to accelerate momentum, leverage success, connect powerful and engaged communities, and identify the areas, projects and partnerships where we can collectively deliver benefits for nature, people and the economy.

Interim report from the Dasgupta Review has gone live!

The review team would love to hear about you think of the ideas they’ve laid out. Feedback will inform the final Review to be published this autumn.

Find the report here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/interim-report-the-dasgupta-review-independent-review-on-the-economics-of-biodiversity.

DasguptaYou can contact the team through: biodiversityreview@hmtreasury.gov.uk
Also, LSE are hosting a virtual ‘conversation’ with Partha and Minouche  Shafik at LSE next Thursday 7 May at 1pm London time, if people would like to learn more and ask questions. Registration is now open here.