Bluefish: potential impacts of climate change on coastal communities - Literature review and scientific report

bluefisheftec, in collaboration with long time partners ABPmer and Countryscape, led an evidence review and analysis of ecosystem goods and services provided by marine ecosystems in the Irish and Celtic Seas for the Marine Institute as part of the Bluefish Project. Our study investigated how the provision and value of ecosystem goods and services would be affected over time under plausible scenarios for environmental management in the context of climate change.  

Visual representation of complex concepts and scenarios to stakeholders, policy makers and to the wider community is key for the Marine Institute, and by linking art and science the project aims to demystify the potential economic impacts of climate change on coastal communities.

The BlueFish Project is an Ireland Wales Territorial Co-operation Operation for the Irish and Celtic Sea, focusing on cross border collaboration, climate change and community engagement.   It is part-funded by the European Regional Development fund through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014 – 2020.