December 2020 Newsletter

2020 has been tough for so many, and all of us have felt the struggle in our own ways. In this year’s last eftec newsletter, we take a look at the milestones we are grateful for and the year ahead.

A screenshot of eftec staff members smiling through their webcams at the virtual Christmas party

2020: Looking Back

We are all still here. We are all safe and healthy. We have relearnt the value of nature and the importance of collaboration. We are grateful for each others’ dedication to work and the rest of the team.

New team members. We’ve welcomed five new eftecers growing our team to 21 and interns. We also had two babies join us; whether they choose to go into environmental economics remains to be seen.

Maintaining partnerships. We have formed new collaborations and strengthened the existing ones with freelance experts, other consultancies and networks we are part of like the Aldersgate Group, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, Capitals Coalition and UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

New clients. We are proud to have worked with many repeat clients and have also formed relationships with a host of new clients like WRSE, UNDP, ChemSec, and PVThin, as well as getting closer to the ground in the UK via many farming estates, local nature partnerships and local councils.

Gnólacht nua! If your Gaelic isn’t quite up to scratch, this means “new business!” We have set up a subsidiary of eftec in Ireland. This will allow us to continue smooth working with our partners and clients in the EU.

2021: Facing Forward

Despite all the challenges this year, we continue to remain positive. We’ll carry on with our work and adapt to the demands of the times – like envecon 2021, which will take place on 19th March, and will be online. We would, however, love to hear your ideas for how to replicate the networking lunch and evening reception online!

From all of us at eftec, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy festive season and the very best year ahead in 2021!