February 2022 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter:

  • Unlock the Market: Economic Incentives for Alternatives to Hazardous Chemicals - our work for ChemSec
  • Darwin+ UK Overseas Territories Ecosystem Accounting Conference - 1-3rd March 2022
  • eftec is Growing - Our New Associate Director and Three New Staff Members

Unlock the Market: Economic Incentives for Alternatives to Hazardous Chemicals

'the power of carrots' text from the report

In October 2020, the European Commission launched its EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. Its overarching aims are to: (i) better protect citizens and the environment, and (ii) boost innovation for safe and sustainable chemicals. Within the strategy, the European Commission acknowledges that regulatory intervention will be needed to phase out the production and use of hazardous chemicals, as the transition to safer alternatives has not happened at the pace expected.
Our report titled ‘Unlock the Market’, produced for ChemSec, focusses on how maintaining economic incentives to substitute away from hazardous chemicals within regulations and other policy measures is a powerful tool to help with this transition.
The report is therefore a timely contribution to the ongoing debate around possible revisions to REACH, where the European Commission launched a six month consultation in January 2022.

Further details on our report can also be found in ChemSec’s press release
Our associate director, Thea Sletten, who was the lead author, will also be presenting an overview of the report at a 45minute Zoom webinar hosted by ChemSec on Tuesday 22nd February (3PM CET). You can register for this webinar here.

Darwin+ UK Overseas Territories Ecosystem Accounting Conference

A sandy beach with a jetty in anguilla

eftec is running a “Caribbean Ecosystem Accounting Conference” from 1st to 3rd of March in Anguilla. The conference will bring those involved in producing ecosystem accounts from across the Caribbean Overseas Territories (OTs) together to share learning and strengthen networks.
Five UK Overseas Territories (OTs) in the Caribbean have produced 2020-2021 national ecosystem accounts. The accounting work has been supported by eftec and JNCC funded through the Darwin+ programme. The accounts have been developed in parallel to the development and publication (in March 2021) of the United Nations System of Environmental Economic Accounting Guidance, putting the UK OTs at the forefront of global environmental accounting. The Ecosystem Accounts show the value that the environment contributes to Caribbean societies and, in turn, how dependent they are on nature. This evidence is a powerful input to support effective and sustainable management of the environment and the economy.

Thea Sletten Becomes an Associate Director

Thea SlettenThea Sletten, who joined us as a Senior Consultant in 2018, has been promoted to the senior management team as an Associate Director. This is a recognition of her excellent project management and team development work, and she will be a valuable leader in our work growing our Chemicals Policy service.

Speaking about her new role, Thea said:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to help eftec respond to increasing demand for our work while maintaining the high quality of what we deliver. All of us at eftec care about our work and the difference it can make to the world. For chemicals policy, the next challenge is to reframe it as an economic and environmental sustainability issue, not merely a regulatory risk. We have been doing this in our projects for some time, and I am now looking forward to contributing this perspective to our thought leadership.”

We welcome Boris Babic, Guy Bowden, and Vanessa Kükenthal

Boris Babic, Guy Bowden, and Vanessa Kuekenthal

In the past month, we have welcomed three new team members to eftec: Boris Babic, Guy Bowden, and Vanessa Kükenthal.

Boris Babic, Researcher, will be assisting the team at eftec on a range of projects starting with economic valuation of the redevelopment of brownfield areas. His master’s dissertation investigated the impact of poor institutional frameworks, corruption, and investment in human capital on the resource curse. Boris also holds a BSc in Economics from Royal Holloway, University of London, and an MSc in Economics from University College London.
Guy Bowden, Researcher, will work across our chemicals policy, policy design, and natural capital accounting service areas. Guy has an MCom in Development Economics; Bachelor of Social Science in International Relations, History and Economics and a BA Honours in History from the University of Cape Town. Master’s research focused on benchmarking South Africa’s automotive industry supply chain in the context of increasing industrial and technological change. 
Vanessa Kükenthal, Intern, will contribute to the preparation of our 30th anniversary celebrations, business management and business development related tasks, and project delivery including literature search and reviews. Vanessa has experience in empirical economic research, quantitative data analysis, conducting ESG reports, and qualitative analyses. She recently graduated from the University of Mannheim with a BSc in Business Administration.

Image From left to right: Boris Babic, Guy Bowden, Vanessa Kükenthal