The Hidden Treasure at the Companies House – Economic Value of Publicly Available Information

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We use economic valuation methods to shine the light on values that are hidden from markets. In this study we worked with Companies House to estimate the value of the information and data they provide free of charge.

We used a stated preference approach to simulate market choices to reveal overall user benefits and identify the types of company information that generate the greatest user value. Results were then used to estimate the annual aggregate benefits of Companies House data and – using a hypothetical policy scenario - demonstrate the social welfare impact of introducing charges for the currently free to access data.

This research was undertaken for Companies House and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) by ICF and eftec. ICF assessed the contribution of the data to public sector organisations and intermediaries who incorporate it into their products services. eftec assessed the direct user benefits to businesses and organisations from the free online services provided by Companies House.

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