Impacts of REACH Authorisation

Chemistry lab

For the European Commission, 2017: The project evaluated the performance of the authorisation process as part of the REACH Directive. The main impacts assessed related to: (i) the substitution of SVHCs (ii) the costs of authorisation, (iii) the benefits of authorisation, (iv) the changes in the EU market for SVHCs, and (v) the affordability of authorisation for SMEs.

The project also aimed to: (i) provide evidence on the functioning of the current implementation of the SVHC 2020 Roadmap; and (ii) evaluate the adequacy of current guidance for stakeholders to facilitate the preparation of Applications for Authorisations (AfAs), and where possible evidence on ongoing initiatives to streamline and simplify the AfA procedure.

The project gathered evidence on the performance of the REACH authorisation process via a review of existing evidence and a consultation with stakeholders in the REACH authorisation process (through an online survey, and targeted interviews). The output from the study will feed into the Commission’s Regulatory Fitness and Performance programme (REFIT evaluation) which aims to simplify and reduce regulatory costs while maintaining benefits.

A public version of the report is available here.