January 2020 Newsletter

It’s a new decade and it’s already promising to be a busy one!  In this month’s newsletter, we cover:

  • Tourism – ecosystem accounts we prepared for Defra & ONS have been published
  • Cost Benefit Analysis shows investing in sustained data collection and collation brings an 8:1 return
  • envecon2020 agenda is out - see how we can help you manage your diary during this ‘Super Year for Nature’.

Tourism accounts

Beautiful beach in the UKNature contributes over £22 billion to the UK economy through tourism and outdoor leisure activities every year, representing 1% of UK GDP.
This is the headline finding from our recently completed work for Defra and the ONS as part of their ongoing programme on national natural capital accounts. Producing the accounts required developing an innovative approach to apportion the overall tourism expenditure to ecosystems and spatially disaggregate this share.
While experimental, the results highlight the dependence of tourism, which is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors globally, on nature. Findings will support public and private sector decisions about sustaining the tourism sector and maintaining / enhancing natural capital.
The report has recently been published and can be downloaded from this publication page.

Cost Benefit Analysis for sustained collection and collation of marine data, MEDIN

MEDIN logoeftec has recently completed a study looking at the costs and benefits of the Marine Environmental Data & Information Network (MEDIN) activities to improve access to marine data. With delivery partners ABPmer, we were able to identify and measure the value that these services bring to the UK economy.
We worked with MEDIN to understand the scope of the work, designed and implemented a survey to understand user time savings and conducted a cost benefit analysis on these findings and further targeted stakeholder engagement. Our study showed that MEDIN provides net benefits of over £52m for a 10 year period, with a benefit to cost ratio of 8:1. Our report presented these headline figures along with a breakdown of the benefits by user type and the outcome of a number of sensitivity analyses. These results demonstrated the valuable service that MEDIN provides as well as indicating where MEDIN can focus future efforts to maximise this value.
A summary along with the full report can be downloaded from here.

envecon 2020 - Agenda

The agenda for #envecon2020 has now been published.   As usual, the day will be packed with plenaries, parallel sessions and poster presentations, but this year we will also host a ‘Diary’ session (how else will you keep up with all the exciting events happening in the ‘Super Year for Nature’?) and a ‘poetic provocation’ from Somewhere-Nowhere.

Click HERE to view the Agenda for the day.

Click HERE to register.