June 2021 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter:

  • Ecosystem accounting in the UK's Caribbean Overseas Territories - our article in the Darwin Initiative's newsletter
  • Natural Capital Accounting for Farms and Rural Estates - Our Brochure in Collaboration with Strutt & Parker
  • UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2021 is published
  • New Staff Member - eftec welcomes David English

Ecosystem Accounting in the UK Caribbean Overseas Territories  - Our work for the Darwin Plus initiative

white sandy beach in anguilla, with crystal clear water

Jake Kuyer, Principal Consultant, was featured in the Darwin Initiative newsletter this month for his piece on ecosystem accounting in the Caribbean UK Overseas Territories. 

To read the case for ecosystem accounting in the UK Overseas Territories, and to learn about our ongoing work to develop an ecosystem accounting framework in these territories as part of Defra's Darwin Initiative, click here and go to pages 11-12.

Natural Capital Accounting for Farms and Rural Estates  - Our Brochure in Collaboration with Strutt & Parker

Banner which reads: Natural Capital Accounting, our offer for farms and estates and the potential financial and environmental benefits to land managers. Authors: Jason Beedell and Duncan Royle

Over the last two years we have been conducting natural capital accounts for farming estates, mostly in collaboration with land and real estate managers Strutt & Parker. We have now prepared a brochure for agricultural clients to clarify the purpose and process of natural capital accounting.

We have so far used the accounts to help clients better understand their impacts and dependencies on nature, assess how they can reduce their Carbon emissions or sequester more Carbon, and identify changes in their land use and management approaches to meet their objectives and sources of finance for their businesses.

You can access the brochure on our website, here.

Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk is published

Graphic for the CCRA3

The Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk (for the third Climate Change Risk Assessment - CCRA3) is a comprehensive review of the risks and opportunities facing the UK from climate change. The project, involving 130 organisations and over 450 contributors, was led by the Climate Change Committee (CCC). It resulted in an independent report setting out the Committee’s advice to Government informed by a 1500-page technical report collating the latest evidence across a range of key sectors, among many other outputs.

Ece Ozdemiroglu, Founding Director of eftec, is a member of the Climate Change Committee. She oversaw the project, including formulating the Committee’s advice to Government, and provided her expertise when reviewing the technical report, specifically on the natural environment and valuation report.
The Committee's Advice Report is here, and the technical report and supporting information can be found here.

eftec Welcomes a new staff member - David English

David English

In the last month we have been fortunate to welcome a new economist to our growing team, David English.

David completed his undergraduate studies in Economics with Environmental Studies at The University of Edinburgh in 2021, achieving First-Class Honours. His dissertation, ‘Optimising Resource Allocation for Threatened and Endangered Species Conservation in The United States: An Econometric Approach’ created new metrics by which to measure the impact of funding and planning resources on the recovery of species listed on the US Endangered Species Act. This research was sponsored by the United States Bureau of Land Management. For more information, please see his profile on our website.