March 2020 Newsletter

eftec working from home

eftecWe hope you are well. As of 16 March 2020, our team moved to home working. We have prior experience with members of the team already working from home, and have the infrastructure in place, but it has still taken us some time to adjust. We missed our monthly newsletter date, which was Wednesday!
Whilst we will endeavour to minimise disruption to the delivery of work, we recognise these are testing times for everyone - in both their work and home lives. We (eftec, clients and partners) have already shown we will be working flexibly and will support each other.
In the meantime, all our meetings and trainings will continue online.

H20: Source2Sea project: Natural Capital Valuation

eftec is currently working with Kent Wildlife Trust to use the natural capital approach to develop a business case for nature-based solutions for water management issues.

H20The study is part of the natural capital valuation work package, within the H2O: Source2Sea project- an Interreg France-Channel-England funded project, aiming to deliver nature-based solutions across the Kent and the Pas-de-Calais region. Both regions face water management challenges and have similar issues of flooding, drought and pollution of waterways.      

We will map stakeholder needs within the study area, and develop two natural capital accounts and an online mapping and communication tool. We will also provide a series of training workshops to assist stakeholders with natural capital valuation activities in support of on-the-ground action. Evaluation activities will occur in parallel to provide evidence of the impact of natural capital valuation. The project will conclude with a range of dissemination materials, including a public presentation of results.

Read more about the project here. (link:
Follow the project Twitter (link: page and Linkedin (link: for updates.

#envecon2020 & UKNEE in 2020

Most presentations from envecon2020 are online HERE. We were also treated to a poetic provocation at the end of the day and a film of it will be available soon!
We had already started programming a series of webinars for UKNEE members throughout 2020 and these will become more important in keeping the network together in the coming months. Members will be informed directly, but we will also post details of upcoming events on the UKNEE website HERE. Please get in touch if you’d like your events and job and funding opportunities to appear on the UKNEE website.