March 2021 Newsletter

In this month's Newsletter: 

  • What goes around’…circular economy for plastics and textiles.
  • Environment Agency natural capital register and account tool launched
  • envecon 2021
  • eftec's one-page summary of the SEEA EA

What goes around’…circular economy for plastics and textiles.

Chemicals often need to be removed from the products before plastics or textiles can be recycled. This is not always feasible or cost-effective. It is more cost-effective to avoid using such chemicals in the first place than try to remove them once the products enter the waste streams.

The purpose of this report, commissioned by ChemSec, with financial support from the Laudes Foundation, was to highlight the opportunities available to business from the removal of hazardous chemicals contained within these products. The report also contains a discussion on the technological and legislative challenges of tackling the problem of plastic and textile waste in the environment. 

what goes around covereftec, in collaboration with partners Logika Group, carried out the analysis of financial opportunities available to EU businesses from the upfront removal of chemicals of concern from plastics and textiles entering the waste streams. Visual representation of these financial opportunities is provided in the report, via charts, comparing various financial opportunities for growth over the period of 2020 to 2050 – based on chemicals being removed from production and certain legislation being introduced.

The report can be downloaded here.

Environment Agency natural capital register and account tool launched

The Environment Agency recently launched their natural capital register and account tool, and accompanying natural capital scorecard. This tool presents the value, quantity and quality of natural resources in a place, changing the way we see the environment and the value it provides, as well as helping to monitor net gain, or net loss, of natural assets.

eftec, in collaboration with Viridian Logic, Countryscape, ABPmer, WRc and the Environment Agency developed the existing tool to improve its underlying evidence base and scope of benefits as well as enhancing its functionality to allow for local, place-based input and assessment to support operational use, ownership and encourage engagement with others.
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The tools and supporting reports, guidance and training video can be requested from the Environment Agency’s Natural Capital Team:

envecon 2021

envecon 2021 bannerenvecon 2021 took place last Friday, being held online for the first time. Over 547 delegates from Brazil to China registered to attend envecon 2021. Delegates collectively watched 68,200 minutes of the conference, with 308 engaging with the Q&A function.

Keynote: Alessandra Alfieri, Chief of Environmental Economic Accounting at the UN Statistics Division delivered the keynote speech presenting the UN’s recently adopted framework, the System of Environmental Economic Accounting – Ecosystem Accounting (UNSEEA EA) and its implications for economic reporting and future decision-making.

UKNEE has chosen to make this keynote available to everyone, for free. Click here to watch it.

Recordings of other envecon sessions are available to UKNEE members. If you are not a member, you can join here.