Restoration in EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy

Agricultural Field Against Sky during Sunset

"Technical Support in Relation to the Promotion of Restoration in the Context of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020", for the European Commission, DG Environment and Climate Action, 2016: The objective of this study was to provide the Commission with a detailed analysis of current restoration activities within Member States and recommendations for future to deliver Action 6a of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, which stipulates the creation at national and sub-national levels of Restoration, Prioritization Frameworks. The study collated and analysed data on current Member State practices and identified relevant stakeholders, explored the current contribution of restoration actions to sustainable and socially cohesive economic growth and employment, identified constraints to the development of the restoration sector within the EU, and identified policies / practices that are best suited for achieving restoration goals in the future. The findings were communicated via a workshop with Member State representatives upon completion of the analysis. We were the lead contractor, and in addition to managing the projects and partners, will conduct the socio economic analysis of restoration activities and future policies, and will conduct analysis on the current restraints to restoration within the EU.

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