SEA for Trichlorethylene

Textile industry

"Socio-economic analysis (SEA) for an Application for Authorisation (AfA) for Trichloroethylene", for VLISCO Netherlands BV, 2014: eftec worked with Apeiron-Team (the lead contractor of this project) to develop a REACH authorisation application (dossier) covering two uses of trichlorethylene for Vlisco Netherlands BV.  Vlisco has been operating since 1846, creating unique textiles (often termed ‘Real Dutch Wax’ textiles) for the West and Central African ‘high-end’ market. The project included the development of a scoping report, a Vlisco specific exposure scenario (ES), an analysis of alternatives (AoA) and a socio-economic analysis (SEA). 

eftec led in the development of the Vlisco SEA report for both uses, which demonstrated that the benefits of continued use to EU society outweighs the risks to human health and the environment. This report also provided a justification for a long review period aligning with the time required for a transition to a safer green alternative.  The work involved facilitating an internal workshop, data collection, the valuation of impacts and a cost-benefit analysis.

A public version of the SEA is available here.