UK Urban Natural Capital Account

Poppy in a field

Title: UK Urban Natural Capital Account

Client: Defra & ONS

Year: 2017

Service area(s): natural capital accounting  

Country/Region: UK

About the project:

The aim of the project was to scope and produce an outline natural capital account for the urban “broad habitat” in the UK. Project outputs included physical and monetary estimates of the value of urban natural capital in terms of the following ecosystem services: food, global climate regulation, air quality regulation, local climate regulation and physical health from outdoor recreation. An account was also developed for Manchester in order to show how the methods could be applied at a sub-national level. This account also included noise mitigation/regulation. This work enables Defra and the ONS to make further progress in developing a full set of natural capital accounts for the UK, as set out in the 2020 Natural Capital Accounting Roadmap.

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