The UN System of Environmental-Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounting

Here is a one pager we prepared to summarise what’s in the SEEA EA

In a move that may reshape decision and policy-making, the United Nations adopted a new framework in March 2021 that includes the contributions of nature when measuring economic prosperity and human well-being.

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounting marks a major step forward that goes beyond the commonly used statistic of gross domestic product (GDP) that has dominated economic reporting since the end of World War II. This measure would ensure that natural capital—forests, wetlands and other ecosystems—are recognized in economic reporting.

For more information on the UNSEEA EA, we recommend watching the envecon 2021 keynote, delivered by Alessandra Alfieri, here. eftec has also prepared a 1-page briefing which can be seen below, and can be downloaded here

briefing graphic for UN SEEA EA


March 2021